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NFS Marketing offers direct contracts, with competitive commissions paid directly to you by the carrier.  This strong portfolio of products, plus our level of experience and support will help you write more business!  We prefer that you have a case in mind that you can write at the time you contract.  The best case scenario is a healthy person who can be approved at a Standard rate class or better on the life side, and one that can pass suitability on the annuity side.


Please contact us for a complete list. Contact Mike or Julie Nelson with questions or to request e-contracting.  We'll need a copy of your current license, void check, and E&O Declaration page, showing lines of coverage/limits/listing you as the insured agent.  E&O requirements vary by carrier but the best option is to make sure your name is specifically listed as a covered insured agent.


PLEASE NOTE:  Current AML (last 12-24 months), 4 Hour Annuity Suitability CE, or LTC CE may be needed, depending on the contract.  Any additonal state-required training will be needed on a case by case basis.  Product training needs to be completed prior to writing any annuity cases.


If you have any questions, please call (888) 288-7887 or 815-235-9907

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