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What other support does NFS Marketing provide?

Mike and Julie Nelson have been extremely effective in working with experienced agents using advanced
market concepts, agents branching out into new markets, or those just starting out in the industry.   We will provide consultation and make recommendations that effectively meet the needs of your clients and resolve as many of their concerns as possible.  On-going sales ideas and solutions are shared to give agents an advantage in the field to BE the competition!  In-house training and one-on-one training calls will get you started and keep you selling. 
This is where our 50+ combined years in advanced sales and field experience are very beneficial! 

Will you contact me on my pending business?


​Yes. We will keep you updated on any pending requirements the company is requesting.  If you are missing a form, we will email you the attachment, to help you meet the requirement quickly.   You don't get your policy issued or commission paid until all requirements are completed, so we'll strive to do whatever we can to help make that happen as soon as possible. 

What do I do if I need a quote?


Illustration support and case design is our specialty! We work hard to make sure you get the most accurate  quote for your clients, based on health conditions, medications and treatment for the condition, severity, and level of control.   Just call us at (888) 288-7887 or e-mail Mike or Julie with the details of your case and we'll get it back to you as quickly as possible, usually same day. For larger, more advanced case design we will dedicate extra time and attention as necessary to develop the best solution to meet the goals of the client, train you on how to present it, and work with you every step of the way.

The basic information needed to provide the most accurate quote possible includes:

  • Full legal name

  • Date of birth

  • Type of product (i.e. term, IUL)

  • Face amount

  • Tobacco or Non-Tobacco status

  • Height and weight

  • Health Conditions

  • List of medications (including the dosage and reason for taking)

Can I contract other agents in my hierarchy below me?

Yes. If you already have an agent downline or are interested in building a downline and growing your business, we can facilitate that as well.  Please call Mike or Julie Nelson at (888) 288-7887 to discuss the details.

Is this a captive contract?

No, you are not captive with any of our carriers.  We have such an effective portfolio, you'll want to contract with more than one of our companies.  Any carrier that you contract with will want to see production coming in consistently to keep your writing number active. Once you start writing business and begin to see the commissions coming in, you will want to write even more!

Other questions?

Our principals are very accessible  and do take agent phone calls.    Please feel free to call Mike or Julie Nelson at (888) 288-7887 to get the answers you need and for additional information they can provide.


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