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Legacy is one of our top annuity carriers. High caps, commissions, bonuses, and excellent customer service leads this carrier to be top of its class.


Legacy Contracting

Americo Contracting



Assignment of Commissions

Direct Deposit

HIGHEST monthly caps and annual reset point-to-point caps in the business! 


Americo's LibertyMarkSM
Legacy sparks the accumulation conversation! Built on a strong foundation with our newest carrier partner, Americo Financial Life and Annuity Insurance Company (Americo), rated A- (Excellent) rated by A.M. Best,* LibertyMarkSM fixed indexed annuities bring you:


  • 7 diverse indexed interest crediting strategies built to battle-test 4 different markets.

  • 4 UNCAPPED strategies that give clients the maximum opportunity for upside potential.

  • Inversion strategy that pays 100% of any negative percentage change in the index, up to a predetermined maximum cap.

  • A dual bonus: two ways for clients to bonus!

  • Performance multiplier up to 50% by the earlier of year 10+ or the start of the income payments - starts at 5% year 1 and goes up to 50% in year 10.


Help your client's declare their financial independence with LibertyMark! Don't miss out on the introduction of this liberating, new product!


F&G LegendMarkSM 

Introducing Legacy's newest innovation, LegendMarkSM-a fresh new approach to fixed indexed annuities! With even MORE upside potential that fuels a unique income rider, these FIAs are designed to amplify client's income payments. Join our webinar on July 9th to learn about:


  • SIZZLING new commissions for a limited time! 8.5%* for the LegendMark!

  • Performance boosting interest crediting options that allow clients to optimize their accumulation potential.

  • The Innovative Income XL RiderSM with "exceptional" income opportunities based on account value! Learn about the exciting Performance Multiplier!


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