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​Life insurance offers protection for loved ones in the event of a client's death. Today's life insurance is an effective tool that can address many life events that take place along the way.  This tool can provide not only a death benefit, but also provides acclerated Living Benefits that are triggered by life-altering events such as critical or chronic illness or when diagnosed with a terminal illness.  Tax-free retirement income, Premium Financing options, solutions for Business Owners including Key Man, Business Succession, Retirement Planning, College Funding, Farmers with Estate Planning and/or Estate Tax issues, Final Expense and more.
Living Benefits that are included at no additional premium, provide life insurance benefits your client doesn't have to die to use.  They are extremely valuable, given all of the medical advances over the years as well, where people now survive a critical illnesse but suffer a tremendous financial burden.  The focus should be on how to surviving and living, rather than how to afford to be able to.
Simplified and Graded Life Insurance, as well as Guaranteed Issue Life is available, based on state approval, age, death benefit, and other carrier-specific details.

Life of the Southwest Assurity​ 


American National

Minnesota Life



 based on state approval

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