Death Benefit Guarantees..

Peace of Mind your client has been looking for

Have you encountered objections or lost any cases because the death benefit wasn't guaranteed to stay in-force for the life of the policy? NFS Marketing has a solution for you to provide the security and peace of mind your client needs -

Minnesota Life's  Death Benefit Guarantee on the Eclipse IUL


The Death Benefit Guarantee premium option will:

  • Solve for the premium needed

  • Keep the Death Benefit Guarantee Agreement (DBGA) in effect for the number of years indicated

  • Help provide the peace of mind your client is looking for in a life policy


Note: The DBGA will affect future accumulation value.  If your client plans on taking loans or retirement income from their policy, the DBGA will not guarantee the death benefit to age 120.


Sample Case 

A 35 year old male, Preferred Elite Non-Tobacco, wants to make sure the death benefit is there when it's needed.


Click here to see an example of the DEATH BENEFIT GUARANTEE



The same 35 year old male wants to use his life insurance as a tool to save for retirement. 


Click here for an example of the RETIREMENT INCOME


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