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One Call

You will only have one call to make on your cases.  We can help you determine the best option that meets your client's goals after thoroughly assessing the information provided.  After an agent is under contract, we'll provide a number of tools to assess the best fit for the client, as well as how to provide for the needs of specific target markets.

Growing your business is our commitment; we will do the research, recommend case design options, run the illustrations, and get the insurance material in your hands, while you are doing what you do best... Sell!


One-on-one attention and careful, appropriate, effective recommendations on your cases are qualities we're very proud of, and appreciated by agents we work with.  

We offer case design, case management, app scrubbing, assistance with requirements from start to finish, individualized product and website training, and much more. 

Advanced market support beyond the basic case for Estate planning, including farmers, Premium Financing options, Income Planning, as well as the Business Market that includes Key Man, Deferred Comp, and Business Succession is provided.​


Our programs have been effective at providing agents and financial professionals with targeted lists and prospects who are interested in obtaining additional information.  

Stay Independent

Working with NFS Marketing as the National  Marketing Organization (NMO), you are contracted directly with the carrier and are not being placed in a captive contract.  Cross-contracting is available with other carriers, with the added benefit of providing the best option available for your client, all with one call or email.  We can be your One-Stop-Shop!

We offer the very competitive commission levels and the opportunity to build your own agent downline if you desire. Any commissions earned are paid to you directly by the carrier, based on the product written.


Here at NFS Marketing, we offer a variety of services from full marketing support, case design, illustration support, one-on-one product and website training, all the way to advance market case design including Premium Financing options to fund very large target premium life insurance cases .  We are your one stop National Marketing Organization.

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