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HEAT UP your business with NFS Marketing! 

We're introducing our new Warm Lead Program that helps YOU get in front of people. Each lead has been contacted and flagged as having an interest in learning more about life insurance with Living Benefits.


1. Submit Warm Lead Program Agreement

2. Write an application with an eligible carrier, have it issued, and paid.

2. Complete the Redemption Form

3. Fax or E-mail completed forms to NFS Marketing


We will begin working on your warm leads as soon as we verify the Redemption Form. Expect within the week to have receive your warm leads! This program has already had an excellent success rate, so don't waste any time and submit your forms today!



Click on the images below for the promotional flyer, agreement, and redemption form to receive your bonus.

Ready to Redeem?

Speed up the process by completing the form below:

Take advantage of these warm leads by utilizing some of our top life companies!  Get started today by contracting or learning more about the products on their carrier pages.
Call us today for more information.
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